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Is Your Alarm System NBN Ready?

The NBN, or otherwise referred to as the national broadband network, is rapidly being rolled out across locations in Australia. This new IP technology promises to revamp Australia’s telecommunication infrastructure. This large-scale government investment is intended to provide fast and efficient internet connections for residential and business use.  What does this mean for residents with existing back to base alarm systems you ask?
Below we discuss some of the important issues you need to be aware of to ensure your alarm system is NBN ready and continues to protect your home and l

The NBN rollout has been completed in my suburb now what?

Residents can continue to deal directly with their current service providers who will connect directly to the large network. In order to utilize the new fibre option, it is best to get connected, installation is free, but the price of services vary amongst providers and according to your connection preferences.

What does the introduction of NBN mean for my existing system?

With the implementation of the infrastructure, it is important to assess your alarm monitoring systems to ensure that they are compatible with the new NBN setup. Failure to ensure compatibility of your system with the NBN setup will result in the inability of your alarm monitoring system to operate once construction has been completed for your suburb and rendered your old landline connection inoperable. If you are currently using a back to base alarm monitoring system that operates via your telephone line, it will no longer be operational meaning it will no longer communicate with your monitoring company once the NBN begins servicing your area.

Continuity of Alarm Monitoring Despite NBN Rollout

The NBN rollout doesn’t have to deem your existing monitored home alarm system and outdated unworkable security solution. Home Security Online have done the research and tested various solutions that allow you to keep using your existing alarm system *(subject to compatibility) in conjunction with the NBN rollout or bypass it completely!

Our Recommendations

 Ness 3G GSM Dialler

The Ness 3G GSM Dialler simply piggy backs onto your existing security system and allows your alarm system to communicate without the availability of a landline or NBN line. It is ideal for remote locations or residents that opposes transitioning to the NBN. This 3G communicator is reliable and works as effectively as if a landline were present – reporting any alarm activity to a personal phone number or central monitoring system. At a value that most will find exceptionally affordable, this product can serve as a suitable replacement for outdated technology.


Zero Wire Wireless Home Security & Automation Kit

Weary of dealing with wired alarm systems all together ? Tech savvy gurus and novices alike will find this user-friendly modern home alarm system an attractive upgrade to their current home security system. Check out the innovative Zero Wire Wireless Home Security & Automation Kit. It frees users from alarm monitoring systems that rely on landlines, taking full advantage of the integration of the NBN advancement with the freedom to locate the management hub anywhere throughout your home that is capable of receiving a Wi-Fi signal.

  • The Zero Wire Wireless Home Security & Automation Kit is perfect for:
  • Domestic and small to medium sized businesses
  • Residents in NBN connected homes
  • Residents transferring their existing security alarm system from copper based landlines to NBN
  • Renters and apartment style living

Features of the Zero Wire Wireless Home Security & Automation kit include:

    • 24/7 monitored solution
    • Quick and easy Install
    • Remote monitoring & control via a mobile app
    • Live streaming with audio
    • Inbuilt Wifi, Z-wave and 43.3MHz radio


In the best interest of ensuring your home, office and business are protected during the cut over phase to NBN, it is important to establish whether your existing alarm system will be future compatible and then decide the best possible solution to stay secured. Whether you choose to upgrade your existing system or require an addition to your current alarm to allow for the NBN, Home Security Online are here to help. Feel free to Contact Us if you require any further assistance.

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