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Why You Should Consider a ZERO WIRE Security Alarm and Automation System for your Home

With the current rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) it is important to consider the compatibility of existing devices including your home alarm system which may or may not be monitored by an external monitoring station.

Along with these changes and the evolution of security products some of todays challenges include:


With the demise of analog phone lines being replaced by NBN fibre connections, traditional alarm systems are losing connectivity deeming them ineffective. Along with the shutdown of the 2G cellular network many monitored home alarms are no longer operable.


Wireless and integrated automation solutions are in high demand, simply because they have become reliable more cost effective and offer you mobile app based control and interaction with your security system.


ZeroWire is a centralised security, automation and cloud solution

  • Self Contained Security Panel (inbuilt radios, Wi-Fi, 433MHz & Z-wave
  • Supports 64 Zones
  • 2 Wired inputs & 2 wired Outputs
  • 4 areas, 256 Users, 20 Key fobs
  • Built in Battery back up (24 hours)
  • Supports up to 16 CCTV Cameras
  • Managed via your smartphone or smart device

Zero Wire Features


Z-wave technology is a leading wireless communication protocol for home automation

  • Fast, reliable and simple wireless control & monitoring over 921.4MHz frequency
  • No interference from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless home devices
  • Highly secure through AES 128-bit encryption
  • Highly scalable – supports up to 232 devices on one network using mesh technology
  • Supports: Security, Energy Management, Health, Home automation controls, entertainment controls




Zero wire is conveniently and remotely managed via the UltraSync (TM) app

  • UltraSync allows you to remotely Arm/Disarm your system via your smartphone/Tablet
  • Supports viewing of video and clips around your home (when CCTV cameras have been installed as part of your zero wire system)
  • View security sensor status
  • Control Z-wave locks, lights and thermostats
  • Create and manage schedules around your home (eg: program lighting)

Zero Wire Features


Home Security Online are a proud re-seller of Zero wire which can be purchased directly on our website.

We stock the Zero Wire Wireless Home Security and Automation Kit

and the Zero Wire Wireless CCTV KIT


ZeroWire offers simple smart and secure home security and automation options.  Ideal for both residential and commercial applications and for new security installations as well as upgrades.  If you wish to have your ZeroWire system monitored by a security monitoring company, please don’t hesitate to contact us with details about the state in which you reside so we can provide you with the names of companies who support monitoring for Zero Wire systems.

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  1. Dash Symons June 12, 2018 at 8:27 am

    As for the users, a simple, reliable with the best features of Security alarm would be the best pick out of all those security alarms in the market. This ZERO WIRE Security Alarm and Automation System is a new awesome kind. I hope that this would prove our expectation.

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