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DUCTED VACUUM : 10 Reasons Why You Need One In Your Home

A ducted vacuum system provides everything you need for effective, affordable and easy to use complete home cleaning. Below we discuss 10 reasons why you need a ducted vacuum system in your home why they a worthwhile investment.

  1. Ducted Vacuums are cost effective

Did you know that ducted vacuum cleaners last approximately 4 times longer than portable vacuum cleaners and cost approximately the same! Overall, ducted vacuum systems are a cost effective investment as they require less maintenance (most are bag less) and are more robust than portable models.


  1. Ducted Vacuums improve well being

Research has shown that dust particles in the family home are one of the major causes of allergies. The average house collects 18kg of dust a year! Ducted vacuum systems significantly reduce the amount of dust mite allergens in the air as they do not recycle dust or dirt back into the home. Portable vacuum cleaners appear to thoroughly clean a room, however they actually release allergens and dust back into the air because the airborne particles are too small to be trapped by their filter.


  1. Ducted Vacuums are Beneficial

Ducted vacuum systems allow for easier and faster vacuuming with less physical strain. There are no cords to trip over, no dangerous electrical plugs and no loud noise to annoy other household members.


  1. Ducted Vacuums allow you to clean up quickly

Ducted Vacuum systems can be used just about anywhere in the house. Tiles, hard floors, carpets, staircases, cars, curtains, furniture, hard to reach places can all be cleaned using a ducted vacuum system. With conveniently located inlets valves, you can simplify and speed up your cleaning.


5. Ducted Vacuums allow are quiet

Loud irritating noise needn’t bee associated with vacuuming. The new and improved Hills Crystal Force Platinum ducted vacuum system boasts a low noise 67 dB operating level and with the motor unit typically installed away from living areas (eg: Garage), you can vacuum without disturbing others in your home. Mufflers and silencers can also be fitted to most models to reduce noise even further.


6. Ducted Vacuums offer powerful suction

A Hills ducted vacuum system will give you up to 5 times more power than most portable vacuum cleaners. The level of cleaning is far better with more dust and dirt removed from your home.


7. Ducted Vacuums are low maintenance

Regular servicing and emptying of vacuum bags are no longer required. Hills ducted vacuum systems are designed to provide powerful suction of dirt/dust particles into a large a holding capacity far greater than that of a portable vacuum.  The Hills Crystal Force Platinum vacuum system features a smart LCD maintenance display allowing you to monitor, filter change, duct levels and running time. At most a ducted vacuum’s Filters and Bags require changing only two or three times a year at most.

8. Ducted Vacuums are easy to Install

Contrary to popular belief, ducted vacuum systems are fairly easy to install. Once some planning as to where to conveniently locate Vacpans and Inlet valves around the home, installation can be DIY as no special skills or tools are required.
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 9. Ducted Vacuums increase your home’s value 

A ducted vacuum system will be considered a feature of your home once installed and will add value to your home. A Hills ducted vacuum system is a semi permanent feature and is an excellent selling point for your home as it makes light work out of cleaning.


10. Ducted Vacuums are insured fixtures

A ducted vacuum system is a semi-permanent fixture in your home and is therefore covered under building insurance.


Aside from these 10 benefits of installing a ducted vacuum system in your home, Home Security Online offer Hills ducted vacuum systems and accessories to meet the demands of any size home or office.

Contact Home Security Online for an obligation-free quote or discuss the perfect ducted vacuum system for your home or office.

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  1. Afton Jackson June 24, 2020 at 5:28 am

    Ever since we started incorporating more rugs and carpets into our house design, I’ve been wanting to find out what are more efficient ways to do floor cleaning. I really liked how you stated that ducted vacuum cleaners offer both power and silence when working because we’ve always thought of using a vacuum cleaner to get our cleaning done but feared for those times when we’ll be on vacation with the rest of the members of the family who are sensitive to noise. I’ll be sure to take your article into account and look for any places that can offer us ducted vacuum cleaners to use. Thank you!

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