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Ducted Vacuum Systems – A Clever Appliance to Help you Manage your Allergies

Installing a Ducted Vacuum System in your home goes beyond the convenience of fuss free and cordless vacuuming, but have you ever considered the health benefits?

The Uncleaned Truth about Vacuuming …

With the abundance of portable vacuums on the market these days, most people are lured to opt for these as their preferred vacuum cleaner of choice. However, every time you vacuum with your portable or hand help vacuum cleaner and think you’re getting rid of the dust, dirt, and pet hair that trigger your allergies,  what you are actually doing is stirring them up instead.

One study found that some vacuum cleaners throw fine germs and dust back into the air, where they can spark off allergies and even spread infections.

The Solution:

Stop vacuuming forever you ask???  No.  Most good vacuum system system such as the Hills Reliance 1600 suck up more dust, dirt, and allergens than they spit out.

Ducted Vacuums are hands down a healthier choice.  They actually collect the dust and debris from  vacuuming and totally remove it from the home altogether.  There is no chance that dust particles or other allergens can be recirculated into the home.  In fact, ducted vacuums are so effective for asthma and allergy sufferers that they are actually recommended by the Asthma Foundation(s) of Australia.  In addition, they also have excellent filtration capabilities so they can suck up even the smallest of particles.
The vacuums that seem to cause the most problems are cheaper and older models with outdated technology.

Some experts suggest you should get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.

Other experts argue the best vacuums for our health  are ones are central ducted vacuum units, where the motor and filter are installed outside your house usually in a garage. Now days some ducted vacuum systems cost the same if not less than a portable vacuum cleaner, they do however require installation which is a once off added cost.

Other ways to keep the air clean in your home:

  • Wash vacuum brushes every few week in hot water to kill dust mites and other allergy triggers.
  • Use a microfibre vacuum floor tools for hard and wooden floors so they don’t stir up dust or other things that set off your allergies.
  • Replace carpeting, if you can, with tile or hardwood floors.


Ducted Vacuum Systems - A Clever Appliance to Help you Manage your Allergies
Ducted Vacuum Systems - A Clever Appliance to Help you Manage your Allergies
The uncleaned truth about vacuum systems, and why you should consider a ducted vacuum system as a healthier choice in your home

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