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Meet the New Bticino 4 Wire Video Intercom Kit – Product Review

Why Bticino Video Intercom?

The Bticino door entry kit is a stylish yet affordable intercom system designed for the home or small domestic application. Offering basic functionality of a door entry system with call, intercom, and door lock activation which is presented with a simple elegance that is the hallmark of Italian design.



The internal unit is a hands-free video unit with a 7” colour display and choice of 12 ringtones to suit individual requirements.

The door lock pushbutton makes it simple to be able to release a gate and let a visitor onto your property. It also features an Auto ON / Cycle camera pushbutton and answering call pushbutton allowing you to screen who comes to your door and add an additional layer of discrete security.

Another added benefit of this video intercom system is that it is expandable up to 5 internal monitor units each with adjustable audio volume.



The intercom doorbell unit is designed of high resistance IP54 material and rain shield to withstand the harshest of weather elements.  It is  12cm x 5cm in size yet has been designed with the utmost efficiency containing the speaker, colour wide angle 95° camera and even  a hidden LED light for night vision so you are guaranteed to get a clear facial image of everyone who rings on your door.



The kit contains everything most homes would need and is expandable to include up to 4 additional internal units and 1 additional entrance point. The internal monitor comes complete with mounting accessories and screws ready for installation.


Home Security Online recommended installers suggest the Bticino entrance panels and the internal units at a height  of 160 – 165 cm (top wire).  For people with disabilities,  the recommended installation height is 135 – 140 cm (top wire), unless different regulations are specified.

The entrance panel camera must not be installed facing of light sources or in locations where the area being shot in backlit.  An additional light source is recommended if the intercom front door station is to be installed in low lit rooms.


Bticino is a well-known  reputable brand name in more than 60 countries and represents the best traditions in Italian design and production. This 4 wire video intercom kit is a must have security device that will allow you to communicate clearly and easily from room to room throughout your home, as well as from outside areas like gates and entranceways while allowing  you to keep an eye on exactly who comes to your door without breaking the bank!