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Ness IP CCTV Camera System: Is this the Home Security System For You?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a remote surveillance device that you can use to monitor activities at home when you are out? If you happen to share this same thought, you probably have come to the right place.
There is an abundance of internet connected home security systems in the market with Asian manufacturers churning out huge numbers. The majority of these security systems can offer you remote access, ease-of-use and multiple features at competitive prices. What is important to note however, is the fact that surveillance video resolution, real-time monitoring capability and operational effectiveness set apart a quality device from a low-cost alternative. However, is there a true remotely controllable security device that can boost your confidence about the safety of your loved ones at home? Is there a system that is customisable to suit your requirements?

Given the myriad of choices available in the market, we at Home Security Online spent several hours to conduct some comprehensive research. Based on this, we have found a solution that can strike a balance between reliability and cost.

What is the Ness IP CCTV Security Camera System?

Being a plug and play (PnP) device, Ness IP CCTV camera systems are not only easy to install but also extremely fast to set up. Simply plug in the Ness camera into a local network video recorder (NVR) or any internet point such as a modem router or switch. With as few as five mouse clicks, the system can be set up for simple and fast CCTV surveillance viewing.

Ness has got one of the best Plug and Play (PnP) based IP cameras surveillance systems on the market that incorporates an on-board power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing for a series of cameras to be connected into an NVR. Once this is done, the NVR’s on-board software detects the camera and voila! Your device is automatically registered, the camera starts recording and you get to see the footage in your connected monitor or smart phone device.

More importantly, there is the flexibility of Ness IP CCTV cameras that use a standardised protocol, to enable Ness security cameras to be connected to larger business or home networks. Other features that can improve real-time access and enrich the security of your home include simple to setup mobile apps via QR codes and inter-compatibility with a wide range of other Ness home security solutions.

Who makes the Ness IP CCTV Security Camera Systems?

The Australian based Ness Corporation is behind this innovative line of home CCTV surveillance systems. The company offers one of the industry’s most advanced, secure and straightforward remote security device that is also easy on your pocket. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in home and business security systems, Ness Corporation manufactures a wide range of security products. These include motion detectors, access control devices, home automation systems, CCTV, medical alarms, intercoms and lighting controlling systems. So you can rest assured that the home security system protecting your friends and family is manufactured and backed by a reliable and professional Australian company.

What are the Key Benefits of the Ness IP CCTV Security Camera System?

Among the various benefits offered by the range of Ness IP CCTV camera systems, the most prominent ones include:

  • True Control: Real-time monitoring activities where you can track multiple cameras installed in multiple or a centralised location on any internet connected device
  • Flexibility: View camera recordings remotely over a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Less Cameras Required: The HD (High Definition) quality images produced and range of coverage provided means less number of overall cameras are required in a system
  • Affordability: Less installation and maintenance costs are required for a Ness IP camera system
  • Cost Savings: A reduction in the cost of CCTV cabling and hardware is made possible by Power over Ethernet (POE). This allows a single cable to be used to power IP CCTV cameras and provide a visual signal to the Network Video Recorder. This therefore eliminates the need for an external power supply.
  • Storage and Accessibility: The NVR to store images and videos digitally that can be retrieved and watched at anytime from anywhere over the cloud
  • Scalability: Additional cameras can be added
  • Efficiency: The smart search feature can reduce your time and effort when looking for specific footage or events

The final verdict

Apart from the traditional ways to safeguard your family, you may want to rely on technology to restrict the entry to potential perpetrators inside your home or react to any unusual activity of your family members. In this regard, Ness IP CCTV security cameras provides a near fool-proof and a truly affordable solution to keep your family safe at any given point of time. This system is not only easy and fast to setup but also reliable, convenient and scalable to suit your individual needs.

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