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Paradox Security – The Low Down as to Why You Should Consider their Alarms

Known for being an innovative research and development company, Paradox is a recognised worldwide for creating some of the best DIY alarm systems available on the market, Paradox boasts industry leading security solutions at competitive prices.

  • Looking for an alarm with SMS capabilities?
    Paradox does it
  • Looking for an alarm system that allows you to combine wired and wireless devices?
    Paradox does it
  • After an alarm system with remote configuration via GRPS
    Paradox does that too!
  • Individually arm & disarm parts of your home
    You bet! Paradox does that as well

Paradox manufactures the MG5050 alarm panel which is specifically designed for the domestic market. This alarm panel comes right out of the box with wireless capability as it contains an inbuilt receiver. Adding wireless PIR detectors outdoor sensors or door contacts becomes a simple task thanks to Paradox USB programming. Just enter your device serial number, upload the settings and watch it work! You can move the sensors wherever you’d like.

Paradox MG5050

Using the Paradox Rem 2 remotes  with your alarm system allows for 2 way communication with a built in status LED. This means that only a person who has a remote is able to know the status of the alarm.


What differentiates a Paradox Alarm Panel?

Paradox is truly designed to be a complete security system. It has been created so a user can easily arm/disarm and control their alarm system via the touch of a button.

The TM50 touch keypad allows a user much more control than they would typically ever have with a normal keypad. This keypad makes zone testing and partition control an absolute breeze.
TM50 keypad

If you’re wanting an alarm which sends you an SMS alert, Paradox has created an exceptional module that allows for SMS or GPRS communication with the alarm system. This function means that you are able to remotely control your entire security system via sms commands.

The possibilities provided by this system are unlimited and can be extended as far as your security and basic computer knowledge allow.

Are you wanting an App on your smart device to control your security system?

iParadox app – is ready to control your entire home or business security system and more!

Connect the Paradox IP150 to your home network and remotely control your entire home or business security system using the iParadox app it doesn’t get easier than that!

Why is Paradox considered one of the best security alarm systems for Homes?

Because of all the standard features of the MG5050 or the command centre capabilities of the Paradox SP6000, Paradox alarm systems have quickly developed a reputation as one of the most reliable, innovative and versatile security brands on the market.

If you’re looking for a DIY security alarm solution with advanced capabilities, then look no further. Paradox home alarm systems are extremely easy to configure and is extremely competitively priced.

Perhaps you are looking to upgrade your existing home alarm system? Paradox is compatible with your existing wired security alarm peripherals and with the additions of a Wireless Expansion Module  you can connect up to 32 wireless devices. If you have existing Optex PIR devices, Paradox wireless peripherals offer hardwired external zones, allowing you to connect mostly any wired/wireless peripheral to your entire home alarm system

Warranty you ask?

Have peace of mind knowing that Paradox alarm systems are backed by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and excellent support ensuring your home alarm system not only protects you but is built to last

Need some help with your alarm system? Contact Us if you’d like to find out more about our Paradox Security Range and how it can benefit your security requirements.




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