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Ness Security are manufacturers and wholesalers of award winning Australian designed electronic security equipment, with over 45 years of proven quality and reliability. Ness security has quality at the forefront of their brand with their range of products offering both installer and end users unrivalled ease of use making them an ideal security solution for homes office and business applications.

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    Ness Security Alarm Battery 12V 7AH

    $44.00 $37.50
    Purchase this  12V 7.0Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery for a fraction of the retail cost.  Primarily used as a replacement alarm battery, this Ness Security alarm battery is also ideal for a range of other applications such as communication equipment, security systems, uninterrupted power supplies and lighting systems.  Simply replace it yourself or call upon a professional to get the job done

    Ness D16XD Deluxe Alarm Panel Inc. White LCD Keypad (K-6321)

    (Hardwired Alarms)
    $499.00 $369.00
    The Ness Security  D16X LCD security alarm panel is the security installers ‘choice’. Not only does it offer protection for your home, office or business, it saves you money with the insurance companies and provides overall peace of mind. The Ness D16x PANEL provides security protection for up to 16 intrusion points, perfect for larger domestic and commercial installations.  

    Ness D8XD Deluxe LCD Alarm System Inc.White LCD Keypad (K-6306)

    (Hardwired Alarms)
    $445.00 $299.00
    The NESS SECURITY D8XD Deluxe LCD security alarm panel is the security installers ‘choice’. Not only does it offer protection for your home, office or business, it saves you money with the insurance companies and provides overall peace of mind. The Ness D8X PANEL provides security protection for up to 8 intrusion points, ideal for small to medium domestic and commercial installations.  

    Ness D16XD Deluxe Navigator Alarm Panel (K-6323)

    (Hardwired Alarms)
    $449.00 $389.00
    The Ness Security D16x Deluxe Navigator home security alarm offers many layers of  security protection such as  environmental protection for your home as well as securing the confined area of your property and providing you with overall piece of mind. One of the best home alarm systems on the market, Ness Security is designed and manufactured in Australia and made an affordable security solution here at Home Security Online.    

    Ness Alarm Siren/Strobe -External Combination

    This combination alarm siren and strobe  is a sleek and unobtrusive alternative to a standard siren cover and strobe. 12-15V DC operating voltage. When placed in a visible area, this alarm siren and strobe will act as a deterrent to potential intruders.  

    Ness Security External Siren Kit

    This Ness Security external siren kit is supplied with cover, horn, and strobe.

    2 x Ness Security RK4 | 4 Button Radio Key (106-167 )

    $129.00 $109.95
    The Ness Security 4 button remote provides the convenience of radio remote control for arming/disarming your home security system, wireless panic button operation and optional home automation applications such as operating lights around the home or electric garage doors. Coloured and numbered buttons make this radio key ideal for use with Ness Security alarm control panels as well as Ness Security automation products. 2 Radio key fobs included

    Ness Security RK4 Radio Key & Receiver Kit – K-6009

    Control your Ness alarm system conveniently and with ease using this this 4 button radio remote kit.Featuring: a wireless panic button for your own peace of mind and an auxiliary button for home automation control such as operating lights or opening and closing electric garage doors (with suitable optional interfaces).The Ness RK4 Radio Key is a fully sealed and fully waterproof four channel radio key.  

    Ness Security Wireless Door/Window Reed (100-662 RR1)

    Ness Security 100-662 RR1  wireless window/ door reed switch will ensure complete security protection. Transmits alarm, restore, tamper and Low Battery reports. 3V Lithium battery supplied.

    Ness Security Wireless Smoke Detector

    $145.00 $94.00
    Eliminante wiring with the Ness Security 106-040 RSM wireless smoke detector. Use with the Ness Security 100-200 Radio receiver. The RSM smoke detector is a photoelectric type with high volume sounder, test button, alarm LED. The onboard Ness Security radio transmitter requires minimal setup. A single 9v battery powers the smoke detector and the transmitter.

    Ness Wireless Alarm Keypad

    The Ness Security wireless alarm keypad is ideal for situations where cables cannot be run and full keypad functions are required. Compatible with ALL Ness control panels, this wireless keypad can be used as portable keypad to control your alarm system.  

    Ness Security Navigator Touch Alarm Keypad

    $255.00 $165.00
    Ness Navigator Touch Screen Keypad is surely the best looking and most functional alarm interface ever made. Teamed with the feature-packed new D8x and D16x version 7 panels, Navigator provides both the user and the installer with unrivalled ease of use. Navigator's self-explanatory operation guides provide you with plain English displays and intuitive touch screen operation. Navigator's many display screens make it easy to view all your zones with your own text descriptions, get help and prompts for arming. disarming, operating outputs, emergency alarms and much more. Operating your Ness alarm system has never been easier! Compatible with: 106-110 Ness D8x Navigator Control Panel 106-112 Ness D16x Navigator Control Panel. Complete with 2 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.
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