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    Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus Two Way Wireless Reed

    Designed to be used in conjunction with the  Reliance XR range and Zero wire wireless home alarm system the Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus two way wireless  reed will securely and  discretely ensure your windows and doors are protected with confidence.

    Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus Two-Way Wireless Micro Reed

    Specifically designed for the  Reliance XR range and Zero wire wireless home alarm system the Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus two way wireless micro reeds will discretely secure your windows and doors with confidence.

    ITI Wireless Door/Window Sensor -S5731

    Sometimes ensuring unwanted intruders are detected the moment they try to break in is necessary. Combining the ITI wireless door/window reed with your home alarm systems ensures the obvious entry points into your home are secure. Used in conjunction with the ITI wireless receiver, this wireless door/window reed can be installed without any wiring what so ever! Details:
    • 2 x internal reed switches
    • External contact terminal block
    • Tamper switch
    • Supervisiory report every 64minutes
    • 63-bit protocol

    Ness Security Wireless Door/Window Reed (100-662 RR1)

    Ness Security 100-662 RR1  wireless window/ door reed switch will ensure complete security protection. Transmits alarm, restore, tamper and Low Battery reports. 3V Lithium battery supplied.

    Alarm Magnetic Roller Reed Shutter

    $65.00 $33.00
    Buy a heavy duty alarm roller reed shutter to incorporate as part of your alarm system. Confidently secure garage doors with this Sentrol 2202A heavy Duty Roller Door Reed Switch.  This door magnetic contact can be used in rigorous environments such as commercial and industrial installations or domestic garage doors. The magnetic reed switch is usually installed in an exterior of opening doors and once tripped, sets an alarm off which cannot be  stopped by just closing the door, the alarm needs to be disarmed.  
in 5 Products