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    Bosch Alarm Siren/Horn, Strobe & Tamper switch, 12V 7AH Battery,Plug Pack, and Internal Siren Bundle

    Designed to be used in conjunction with the  Bosch Solution 2000 and 3000 alarm kits.

    Bosch Alarm Siren Kit

    This Bosch external siren kit is suited to any Bosch alarm system. Dimensions 19.9cm Wide x 15.5 High (Box only) 16.2H (including strobe) x 11.0cm Deep.

    Alarm Siren and Strobe Kit

    This Hills Combo Siren & Strobe is compatible with most major security alarm systems. Featuring built in tamper switch and sleek design, this quality alarm siren and strobe is loud enough to deter any intruder without being obtrusive. Compatible with most major security alarm systems, the Hills combo siren consists of:
    • 1x S1799 Combo Siren & strobe
    • 1x S3807 piezo screamer

    Ness Security External Siren Kit

    This Ness Security external siren kit is supplied with cover, horn, and strobe

    Alarm Siren/Strobe -External Combination

    This combination alarm siren and strobe  is a sleek and unobtrusive alternative to a standard siren cover and strobe. 12-15V DC operating voltage. When placed in a visible area, this alarm siren and strobe will act as a deterrent to potential intruders.  
in 5 Products

Alarm Sirens

Shop our range of internal and external alarm sirens and strobes. We stock a range of siren kits, sleek slim line sirens and strobe units as well as internal siren screamers. An outdoor alarm siren is a valuable addition to your alarm system as it is a deterrent for potential intruders when installed in a visible location. Our brands include: Bosch, Ness Security and Hills Reliance.