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Smoke Alarms

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    Hills Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

    (Smoke Alarms)
    $199.00 $129.00
    This Hills photoelectric smoke detector  is designed to provide early warning of developing fires in both residential and commercial applications. These multi-voltage, 4 wire smoke alarms can be connected to many third-party devices such as security alarm systems and access control systems and up to 24 units may be interconnected.   Supplied complete with mounting ring and 9VDC back-up battery.

    Ness Security Wireless Smoke Detector

    $145.00 $99.00
    Eliminante wiring with the Ness Security 106-040 RSM wireless smoke detector. Use with the Ness Security 100-200 Radio receiver. The RSM smoke detector is a photoelectric type with high volume sounder, test button, alarm LED. The onboard Ness Security radio transmitter requires minimal setup. A single 9v battery powers the smoke detector and the transmitter.
in 2 Products

Smoke Alarms

The primary purpose of installing a smoke detector in your home office or business is to alert you when smoke is present, indicating fire. There are numerous advantages of installing a smoke alarm including:
  • Early Detection:Smoke detectors serve as an early detection system because they often detect smoke in the home quicker than people can. As smoke rises, installing smoke detectors high up allows for a fire to be detected as soon as smoke is produced. Early detection means you have more time to escape from the property and allows for timely decisions to be made.
  • Fire Location:Installing multiple smoke detectors in a building or office can alert you to the location of the fire allowing you to take prompt and decisive action.
  • Audibility:Another major advantage of installing smoke alarms is that they can be clearly heard by everyone, no matter where they are. The piercing noise that a smoke alarm makes is designed to attract the attention of everyone on the property.