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Ducted Vacuums

When it comes to ducted vacuum cleaners an entire range of features are at your finger tips. They are designed to vacuum  up a large amount of dirt/dust particles and reduce allergens in your home and are extremely easy to use and maintain. Choosing from reputable Australian brands such as the latest  HPV 1400 Power Vacuum (which now replaces the Hills 1600)  or one of the powerful Electron EVS ducted vacuum motors is sure to add value to your home and is an excellent selling point.

    Electron EVS 3505 Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Kit

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $899.00 $789.00
    The Electron (EVS) 3505  bagless ducted vacuum kit with 9m hose is suitable for almost any home or business premises up to 35 squares with a maximum of 5 inlet points. Due to its compact design, the EVS-3505 is perfect for installation in low storage areas and garages  areas as the unit can be installed just below ceiling height. The EVS 3505 has an inbuilt utility valve to allow vacuuming of cars when the unit is installed in a garage.

    The power unit utilises a powerful 3-stage motor to ensure unbeatable cleaning power especially in homes with high ceilings where the pipe work is run through the roof space. As the unit is bagless there is no filter bag to replace, therefore reducing overall running costs of the unit. Complete with a 2 year warranty you can rest assured that the EVS 3505 ducted vacuum power unit will provide many years of hassle free vacuuming.

    Electron EVS Ducted Vacuum Cleaner System Model 2808

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $899.00 $810.00
    The Electron EVS2808 is a bagless ducted vacuum power unit constructed only with quality materials and workmanship right here in Australia, assuring years of trouble free vacuuming. This high performance ducted vacuum system is ideal for larger homes and office spaces or a great upgrade if you are looking to replace your old ducted vacuum. The EVS 2808 offers strong suction at a great price!

    Electron EVS Ducted Vacuum Cleaner System Model 3505

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $699.00 $610.00
    When you buy the Electron EVS 3505 Ducted vacuum cleaner, you are not only buying quality you are buying Australian Made. Designed and manufactured here in Australia and made of durable robust material assuring years of trouble free vacuuming. Whether you are looking for a ducted vacuum system motor replacement for your existing home or a builder needing to install a ducted vacuum system, the EVS and 3505  is easy to use and  install in any home!

    Hills HPV 1400 Power Ducted Vacuum System

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $739.00 $639.00
    Spend your free time on more important things and taker the hassle out of vacuuming.   The latest  Hills Power Vacuum HPV1400, is the new look Australian made Ducted Vacuum System. Featuring bagless operation and large  easy to empty dust canister as well as an inbuilt muffler for low operating noise level and a  washable filter system. Ideal for small to medium-sized homes and domestic purposes. We guarantee you wont find it cheaper elsewhere! Limited Stocks  

    Hills Ducted Vacuum 1600 Complete Kit – S6044

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $999.00 $849.00
    If you are after an easier way to vacuum clean your office, home or work area then look no further than the Hills 1600 ducted vacuum kit.   Offering advanced ducted vacuum technology, making it more powerful, quieter and easier to use, leaving your space cleaner and more hygienic. Stairs are no longer a problem, vacuuming is so easy with the lightweight 9m hose and you never have to worry about waking people as its super quiet!!

    Hills Ducted Vacuum Central Vac 1600 – Motor Only

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $789.00 $699.00
    Has your Hills Ducted Vacuum system broken down? Did you know that you can simply repair your Hills 1600 Ducted Vacuum your self? The motor unit comes complete and encased in a durable canister with a large 16 Litre Dust bucket. Simply un-clip the old motor and clip in the new. It's as simple as that. The Hills® ducted vacuum CentralVac1600 offers advanced vacuum technology, making it more powerful, quieter, easier to use and leaves your home cleaner and more hygienic. There are no bags to empty or electrical cords to trip over. No heavy lifting and dragging of traditional canister or upright ducted vacuum cleaners from room to room or up and down the stairs. Simply pair with the Hills Central Vac 1600 accessories kit and vacuuming no longer becomes a chore. Don't miss out on this great deal ducted vacuum motor.
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