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    Ducted Vacuum Padded Zippered Hose Sock – 9m

    (Vacuum Hose & Accessories)
    $59.00 $39.00
    This 9m padded and zippered vacuum hose sock for ducted vacuums is the ideal way to prevent scratching your walls while vacuuming. Features:
    • Fully padded
    • Fits all 9m ducted vacuum hoses
    • Zipper for easy fit
    • Washable
    • Reduces hose noise

    Ducted Vacuum Switch Hose 12M – S3054A

    (Cleaning Tools)
    The 12m ducted vacuum switch hose  is one of the lightest yet robust vacuum hoses on the market! Featuring a  switch on the handle which allows you to switch the vacuum on or off at any time without going to the inlet.  Simply flick the switch and your vacuum power unit shuts off.  Lowest Price guaranteed online!    

    Mini Vacuum Attachment Kit

    (Cleaning Tools)
    $49.95 $17.95
    Effectively clean your computer keyboard, car interior and even your stereo equipment with this vacuum cleaning accessory kit. Features 8 different components to suit delicate surfaces all universally compatible with most vacuum cleaners on the market. Specifics:
    • 8 pieces with a Universal adapter
    • Universally compatible with almost every vacuum cleaner
    • Ideal for cleaning your car, computer keyboard, stereo and delicate objects

    Hills Central Vacuum Accessories Kit – S1418A

    (Cleaning Tools)
    $128.00 $119.00
    This ducted vacuum  cleaning tool kit is compatible with any ducted vacuum cleaner system with a standard 32mm diameter wand or vacuum hose handle.  Designed to be used with the Hills ducted vacuum CentralVac 1600 it includes a selection of quality vacuum cleaner tools and attachments.  As a result, more powerful vacuuming that is quieter and easier to use is achieved. Most importantly, your home is cleaner and more hygienic.
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Vacuum Hose & Accessories

Shop our range of  ducted vacuum hoses, ducted vacuum hose kits and accessories which are universally compatible with all ducted vacuum system brands and models including: Aussievac, Hills,Valet,  Das Attila,  Beam, Cyclic, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Lux, Vacumaid, Hoover, Volta, Centravac, Premier Clean, Monarch, Auskay, Pullman, iCentral, Starvac, Silent Master, and more. Our popular Hills accessories kits including 9m vacuum hoses and 9m Economy ducted vacuum hose is not only compatible with all 32mm wands and vacuum tools, its price is UNBEATABLE!   Check out 12m hose with the switch handle allowing activation of the vacuum system at your finger tips and our range of vacuum hose socks for various lengths hoses and ducted vacuum padded hose socks with a zipper for easy fit.