IP Intercoms

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    Hikvision IP Intercom Room Station (wifi)

    (IP Intercoms)
    This additional Hikvision IP intercom room station which is wifi enabled is  designed to be used with the Hikvision IP intercom Kit to allow  you to expand your intercom system up to 6 indoor monitors and 6 door stations.

    Hikvision IP Intercom Door Station – Pre programmed

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    An additional front door station compatible with the Hikvision Ip Intercom Kit - Wifi Enabled.  Supplied pre-programmed and ready to plug and play and  communicate between door and room stations in your intercom system.

    Hikvision IP Intercom Kit – Wifi Enabled

    (IP Intercoms)
    This Hikvision IP Video intercom Kit will not only add an additional level of security surveillance to your home but creates a hub for emergency response and adds an access control dimension to reinforce a sense of protection in the home or workplace. Its high quality voice transmission and picture quality provides an outstanding user experience.  In addition,  these exceptional features and more can be easily managed with a mobile app, making communication, simpler and more technologically advanced than ever before. The system is pre programmed and ready to plug and play and it will communicate between door and room station. Additional door and room stations can be added as required.
in 3 Products

IP Intercoms

There’s something personal about seeing the person you are speaking to. When we need a way to talk to others, but with more options and more capabilities, the usual intercom system just isn’t enough. Today’s technology has the capacity to make electronically mediated interaction more human and more personal than ever with IP Video Intercoms.

Shop our range of Hikvision IP intercom systems that add an additional layer of security to your home and enhance the  human element through an electronic mode of communication by allowing callers to see one another.

The Hikvision  IP Intercom is the one of the smartest intercom solutions on the market, allowing you to receive calls from anywhere on your premises or answer and unlock the door even when away so you'll never miss a caller again. Major Features:
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intercommunication between Monitors
  • Information Broadcasting
  • High Quality Voice Transmission
  • Control Via Mobile App
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Expandable
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