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A Kocom Intercom is guaranteed to add an additional layer of security to your home.  Giving you added peace of mind, our range of  Kocom video intercom kits are designed for both new installations and retro fitting.  Featuring  Kocom stylish 7″  colour LCD  monitors, you can easily screen visitors  that come knocking on your door. Includes 12 months warranty

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    Kocom IP Video Intercom Kit with Smartphone Connectivity & 7″ Touch Screen

    (Home Intercoms)
    $525.00 $488.00
    The Smartphone IP Intercom from Kocom keeps you connected when you are not at home and gives you complete security at your fingertips. Kocom's intercoms give peace of mind to Australian homeowner and allow your to control the security in your home with just one touch.  Receive notification of some one at your  front door and allow it to be open from your phone .  This award winning  IP Intercom  is assured to be an asset to any home.

    Kocom Colour Video Intercom Kit (KCV-D372 + KCMC11 2 wire)

    (Home Intercoms)
    $699.00 $459.00
    Designed to add an additional layer of security  to your home or office, this Kocom colour video intercom system features intelligent features and a sleek and stylish design.  Ideal for new installations and retro-fit applications, this Kocom intercom is straight forward to install using only a 2 wire connection (no polarity) and will cover long distance runs up to 100m (using cat5 cable). Expandable up to 2 monitors and 2 door bell stations.

    Kocom Colour Video Intercom Kit with 7″ Monitor Black Mirror Finish (4 wire)

    (Home Intercoms)
    $689.00 $439.00
    Improve the safety of your home office or business with this quality Kocom Colour Video Intercom kit. Not only will it add an additional layer of security to your premise but it will  give you peace of mind knowing who comes knocking at your door.  Featuring intelligent design and black mirror finish 7" touchscreen door station, this video intercom is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury and compliment any decor.    

    Kocom KC-MC11 2 Wire Color Pinhole Camera Door Station

    (Home Intercoms)
    $299.00 $249.00
    This slim and stylish Kocom KCMC11 2 wire door bell intercom station features  audio/video so you can see and talk to whoever comes to your door. Designed to be used with Kocom KCV-D372 based 2 wire intercom systems.  

    Kocom Colour Video Intercom Monitor – White (KCV-D372)

    (Home Intercoms)
    $399.00 $347.00
    Improve control and security in your home with this Kocom 7" handsfree additional monitor.  Add up to 2 indoor monitors with the the Kocom KCV-D372 Intercom Kit to meet the demands of your household.  This feature rich 2 wire video intercom monitor is encased in a stylish design and features advanced LCD and LED back light technology providing crystal clear image and exceptional vivid colour and brightness so you can see exactly who has been at your door.
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