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Every good Aussie loves a sale! Home Security Online’s sale range  is the perfect time to pay even less for your home security and ensure you are protected by proven quality products.  We have cut prices  across our leading brands including  Ness Security, Hills Reliance, ParadoxBosch Kocom and more.  Limited stocks

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    4K Hikvision Compatible 8MP Turret Security IR IP Camera with POE 2.8mm Lens

    (CCTV Cameras)
    $199.00 $139.00
    Buy an ultra High Definition 4k 8MP (mega pixel) IP security dome camera and protect your premises with confidence.  Compatible with Hikvision NVRs and Dahua NVRs, this IP66 Weather resistant camera is ideal for both outdoor and indoor installation, guaranteed to provide crystal clear 8MP high definition video. This Hikvision compatible CCTV camera is also capable of sending you an email alert when it detects motion which you can then remotely check through an app on your phone. Equipped with built in microphone for sound (when combined with a Hikvision recorder) Home Security Online guarantee this security camera will not disappoint!

    Ducted Vacuum Hose 12m

    (Vacuum Hose & Accessories)
    $165.00 $99.00
    Flexible and light weight with  360-degree swivelling handle for kink free cleaning. Comes supplied with 32mm handle, to suit all ducted vacuum attachments.

    Electron EVS 3505 Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Kit

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $899.00 $789.00
    The Electron (EVS) 3505  bagless ducted vacuum kit with 9m hose is suitable for almost any home or business premises up to 35 squares with a maximum of 5 inlet points. Due to its compact design, the EVS-3505 is perfect for installation in low storage areas and garages  areas as the unit can be installed just below ceiling height. The EVS 3505 has an inbuilt utility valve to allow vacuuming of cars when the unit is installed in a garage.

    The power unit utilises a powerful 3-stage motor to ensure unbeatable cleaning power especially in homes with high ceilings where the pipe work is run through the roof space. As the unit is bagless there is no filter bag to replace, therefore reducing overall running costs of the unit. Complete with a 2 year warranty you can rest assured that the EVS 3505 ducted vacuum power unit will provide many years of hassle free vacuuming.

    Electron EVS Ducted Vacuum Cleaner System Model 2808

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $899.00 $810.00
    The Electron EVS2808 is a bagless ducted vacuum power unit constructed only with quality materials and workmanship right here in Australia, assuring years of trouble free vacuuming. This high performance ducted vacuum system is ideal for larger homes and office spaces or a great upgrade if you are looking to replace your old ducted vacuum. The EVS 2808 offers strong suction at a great price!

    Electron EVS Ducted Vacuum Cleaner System Model 3505

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $699.00 $610.00
    When you buy the Electron EVS 3505 Ducted vacuum cleaner, you are not only buying quality you are buying Australian Made. Designed and manufactured here in Australia and made of durable robust material assuring years of trouble free vacuuming. Whether you are looking for a ducted vacuum system motor replacement for your existing home or a builder needing to install a ducted vacuum system, the EVS and 3505  is easy to use and  install in any home!

    Hikvision Solar Powered Construction Site Security Camera Kit – Including Battery Pack

    (CCTV Cameras)
    $5,390.00 $3,452.00
    This Hikvision 4G Solar powered  construction site security camera kit is the ideal solution where the laying of wired network or electric supply cables is not suitable.  Keep an eye on your building site even through the harsh weather conditions where reliable security is a must!  Monitor  your farm stock remotely ,  reduce theft and vandalism at telecommunication sites, water and river systems. Whether you need CCTV security for temporary building sites or large scale areas with sudden public activity this Hikvision DS-2XS6A25G0-I/CH20S40  Solar powered standalone 4G kit is the answer. Includes- Solar Panel and 4G Camera and 19.6Ah Battery Pack Buy from an authorised Hikvision re-seller and have peace of mind!

    Hills HPV 1400 Power Ducted Vacuum System

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $899.00 $639.00
    Spend your free time on more important things and taker the hassle out of vacuuming.   The latest  Hills Power Vacuum HPV1400, is the new look Australian made Ducted Vacuum System. Featuring bagless operation and large  easy to empty dust canister as well as an inbuilt muffler for low operating noise level and a  washable filter system. Ideal for small to medium-sized homes and domestic purposes. We guarantee you wont find it cheaper elsewhere! ON SALE NOW ! Limited Stocks  

    Kocom IP Video Intercom Kit with Smartphone Connectivity & 7″ Touch Screen

    (Home Intercoms)
    $525.00 $488.00
    The Smartphone IP Intercom from Kocom keeps you connected when you are not at home and gives you complete security at your fingertips. Kocom's intercoms give peace of mind to Australian homeowner and allow your to control the security in your home with just one touch.  Receive notification of some one at your  front door and allow it to be open from your phone .  This award winning  IP Intercom  is assured to be an asset to any home.

    Bosch Alarm Siren/Horn, Strobe & Tamper switch, 12V 7AH Battery, Plug Pack and Internal Siren Bundle

    $199.00 $139.00
    Designed to be used in conjunction with the  Bosch Solution 2000 and 3000 alarm kits.

    Hikvision Wireless Panel Kit 3G/4G LAN/WIFI RFID Mobile App

    (Wireless Alarms)
    $599.00 $449.00
    This Hikvision wireless security alarm control panel is simply revolutionary. Offering advanced intruder verification and securing up to 32 wireless zones it also supports Wi-Fi, LAN, GPRS, and 3G/4G communication methods, as well as ISAPI, and SIA-Contact ID protocol. Best of all only 3  easy steps are required to set  it up!  Suitable for domestic, small commercial or business, this Hikvision wireless alarm is not only very affordable but is proven to keep you safe and secure.

    Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus Two Way Wireless Pet PIR

    $189.00 $109.00
    Designed to be used in conjunction with the  Reliance XR range and Zero wire wireless home alarm system the Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus two way wireless PET PIR will secure your home office or business with confidence.    

    Hills Reliance alarm Keypad – Vertex LED 8 Zone

    (Alarm keypads)
      Designed for  ease of use and reliable protection, the Reliance 8 Zone LED keypads feature clear status light indicators and backlit keys. Dedicated emergency keys at the touch of a button, while pre-programmed keys allow users to perform common functions with a single touch.
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