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The top 5 ways to increase your home security

Protecting your home and the people and belongings inside it does not require you to part with large sums of money.

Did you know that:

  • Most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays. Burglars look for homes that appear unoccupied and obviously residential homes tend to be empty during those hours as people are at work.
  • The typical house burglar is a male teen in your neighbourhood — not a professional thief and 60 seconds is the most burglars want to spend breaking into your home. This suggests you only need enough security to deter the regular person. Simple things like Security warning stickers and signage, or Dummy Cameras have proven to be one of the most inexpensive theft deterrents for your home.
  • Homes without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into. A quality alarm system doesn’t cost the earth these days. DIY wireless alarm systems can easily be installed without the added cost of paying a security installer. Placing the external siren box at the front of your home will automatically alert a potential burglar that your home is secure.
  • A burglar is most likely to knock on your door before breaking in. An intercom system with a visible door bell will ensure you know exactly who knocks at your door and have potential intruders think twice before breaking in.

The top 5 most effective and inexpensive to increase your home security are as follows:

  1. Security warnings signs placed at the boundary of your home or business are a low cost and high impact solution to deter potential burglars from entering your property and planning any further action involving theft.
  2. A wireless intercom phone system is an easy to install plug-and-play solution to enable one-way communication between you and the person at your front door. Depending on who it is, you can safely decide whether you would like to open the door for them or not.
  3. Dummy security cameras or fake CCTV cameras placed in areas around your home where intruders or vandals are sure to see them. Always ensure dummy cameras are installed in realistic places where a cable can be run and are placed at a height that cannot be reached without climbing up a ladder.
  4. A wireless alarm system is a more robust yet highly cost effective do-it-yourself solution to protect your home quickly and easily. A wireless alarm system can be installed in a number of hours as there is no requirement to run wires, saving you significant amounts of money in labour costs. Wireless alarm systems also allow the flexibility of relocating the system at any time.
  5. A security camera kit provides you with everything you need to setup 24/7 video surveillance around your home or business. Security camera systems also give you the ability to retrieve and playback recorded video from a previous time and date using your PC, iPhone and Android mobile device from anywhere in the world. With a home security camera system, catching out intruders and burglars have never been easier.

Depending on your budget, below are a few of Home Security Online’s top 5 inexpensive products to enhance your home security and deter potential burglars.

The top 5 ways to increase your home security
The top 5 ways to increase your home security
Protecting your home and belongings doesn't have to be expensive. Here are the top 5 most effective and inexpensive ways to increase your home security.

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