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Vacuum Cleaners | A Buying Guide

Getting your vacuum cleaning done in no time with the right vacuum cleaner is every home owners goal.  However these days, when it comes to vacuum cleaners,  we are faced with so many options at various price points.  Below we explain the different types of vacuum cleaners on the market and some of the features you can expect from each…



Hand held and stick vacuum cleaners typically categorise your light weight and easy to use vacuum cleaners. Ideal for quickly cleaning up every day mess and are cheap to buy, generally ranging anywhere from $15- $149.

Some of the features hand held and stick vacuum cleaners may include are:

  • Wet and dry vacuum – These types can handle both dry and wet mess usually with cyclonic action that spins dust and debris away from the filter and is designed for vacuuming small amounts of  liquids.
  • Cordless stick vacuums – Allows  for hassle free and cord free vacuuming.
  • Corded stick vacuum – Vacuuming is performed while the vacuum cleaner is attached to a power source which means as you vacuum you will be limited by the distance of the cord and interrupted several times while you locate a new power point.



Barrel or  otherwise known as canister vacuum cleaners offer stronger suction power  than hand held or stick vacuum cleaners.  Often you will see cleaners with this type of vacuum cleaner as they are both portable and great for vacuuming a variety of surfaces like tiles, carpet and upholstery.  They are generally priced anywhere from $150 – $450 for a superior industrial style vacuum.


When it comes to ducted vacuum cleaners an entire plethora of features and benefits opens up.  They are the highest quality vacuum cleaner money can buy and can be installed to fit any size home ranging from small homes through to custom built multi level houses, apartments and even retirement homes. Typically ducted vacuum cleaners such as the Hills HPV 1400 Power Vacuum is made from high-grade ABS material, have a very powerful motor, larger air flow and a 25L dust bucket making for simple and fuss free maintenance. Ducted Vacuum systems are designed for both convenience and versatility of use.

Ducted vacuum systems do not need to be light and portable, they are designed to provide a large dirt receptacle, with a holding capacity many times greater than that of a portable vacuum.  Installing a ducted vacuum system may increase the value of your home. Whether you choose a well known brand vacuum system such as  the Australian made Hills HPV 1400, ducted vacuum systems are built to last, making it a permanent feature and excellent selling point of your home.  Despite what consumers may think, a ducted vacuum system needn’t cost the earth, setting you back anywhere from $750-$999 fully installed.

  • Hybrid Ducted Vacuum – Offer the ultimate in flexible vacuum cleaning,  Hybrid ducted vacuum cleaners can be used with or without a bag and are designed for flexible vacuum cleaning.
  • Bagged Ducted Vacuum – This type of vacuum cleaner contains a bag inside, this is where all the vacuumed dust and dirt is collected. Depending on use, filter bags require changing only 2-3 times per year.
  • Bagless Ducted Vacuum – As the name suggests, these ducted vacuum cleaners are bagless, instead of a bag they house a filter. As with maintaining any appliance., the filter will need to be cleaned every so often after use and replaced approximately every 2-3 year

Whether you are building a new home,  renovating or just want to upgrade your ducted vacuum system, Home Security online offer  tried and tested ducted vacuum systems  including the latest Hills Power Vacuum (HPV 1400) which now replaces the reputable  Hills 1600 ducted vacuum system. It features a robust and powerful 1400Watt cyclonic motor, this model has been a best seller for 22 years and the replacement for the legendary model HCV1200 and Hills 1600.
Designed to suit Australia’s most common home sizes and configurations, the Hills HPV 1400 is built to last. It’s the perfect choice for new installations or upgrading an  old ducted vacuum systems such as Aussie Vac, Valet and Premier Clean.

This Hills 1400 ducted vacuum features:

  • Easy lift-off lid and disposable bag design means no mess when you empty the vacuum.
  • Built in exhaust muffler to keep things quiet.
  • Supplied as standard with right and left entry points for connection of ducting pipe to unit so you can vacuum directly from the motor.

Unsure what you need? Or need to discuss your options with an expert? Contact us here we are always happy to help!

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