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Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System: Is it the DIY alarm system for you?

Have you heard of the Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System? Chances are if you’re reading this review you’re looking for a reliable and functional alarm system for your home that’s easy to use and install, that won’t break the bank.
There are many wireless home alarm systems that can be purchased online and claim to have extremely simple DIY installation and setup, remote control from anywhere at any time, and not to mention a rock bottom price tag. But is there a true DIY alarm system out there that will actually work for you? Do they solve the key objective of protecting your family, your home and your prized possessions with minimal fuss and a sufficient level of security?

We at Home Security Online have conducted a lot of research on the matter and feel that we have found a product that will tick most of the boxes when it comes to a simple home security solution.

What is the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm System?

The Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System is one of the latest new generation wireless DIY intruder detection systems to hit the Australian market place. The system aims to put you in total control from the moment it is switched on by simply using either your iPhone / Android device or web browser. With the touch of a button, the system can be armed or disarmed, and in the event of an alarm the system will notify you instantly with a series of different alerts.The Yale system also has the added option of integrating various home automation features via its power switch accessory – allowing lights, appliances and other electrical items to be turned on and off via your smartphone.

Who makes the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm System?

This innovative new security product as you have already gathered, is made by an American company named Yale who aren’t just your average foreign technology manufacturer. Yale have a long and illustrious history (established in 1843) of creating high quality security products which include digital door locks, safes, postboxes, padlocks and alarm systems. So you can rest assured that years of experience, research and development have gone into all Yale products and it’s no surprise that the Yale Smartphone Alarm System recently won the DIY Week “DIY product of 2014”.

What are the key features of the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm system?

This new wireless Smartphone alarm system contains a number of useful features including:

  • Full operation via iPhone/Android device or web browser
  • Email, iOS push notification and SMS during an alarm event
  • Sends images to your smartphone in the event of an alarm
  • Wide range of accessories to suit your home
  • Simple and efficient installation process

What can I expect once it is setup in my home?

Being a primarily smartphone-based alarm system, the best results you can expect are right from the comfort of your smartphone. The app itself has a relatively simple design, making it easy to navigate and perform the functions you want quickly.Within a few minutes of familiarising yourself in the Yale Home System app, you will find the ability to control 95% of the system from pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Arming and disarming the system is perhaps the most useful function, ensuring that you can switch the system on at anytime. The alarm system’s ability to contact you via SMS or email in the event of an alarm is equally as useful, so that you are kept informed and can take swift action at all times.

With it’s ability to send SMS and email, also comes the feature of having live pictures sent directly to your phone. If you have a PIR video camera accessory installed in the system, checking on your pets, babysitter or children is made even simpler. Obtaining images of your home whilst you are away is also highly effective when seeking visual confirmation of what caused an alarm.

Having the option to also check activity reports of your system, add/remove users, and even unlock doors right from within the Yale Home system app is are also some other nice features which give you total control and peace of mind right at your fingertips.

So how simple is “simple”?

Setting up the Yale Smartphone Alarm System is very straight forward as long as you follow a few steps. Like with most technology, following instructions ensures a successful end result. Yale make this easy with a series of informative videos and product information material.

After setting up our own system, we’ve summarised in a nutshell what steps you can expect to follow in order to get your Yale smartphone alarm system up and running in no time:

  1. Prepare all of your devices by activating their batteries. This may include PIR motion detectors, door/windows reeds, remote controls, etc. This is done by removing plastic tabs from each device, inserting the correct batteries, and/or switch the device to ON.
  2. Connect the main control box by attach the stand to base, inserting a network cable at the back of the control box and into a spare port in your modem router. Then simply plug in the power, slide the switch on the control box to the ON position and wait until third LED on control box flashes green.
  3. Download the app and register your account through the app.
  4. Test devices/components – this is done through the “devices” menu in the mobile app by selecting “walk test” button.
  5. Select suitable areas for the motion sensors – each device has a test button that can be pressed prior to mounting the device to ensure it is communicating with the control box. Each device will appear as an item under the “devices” menu in the app after it has been tested successfully. This process is then repeated for all devices in your home.
  6. Arm/disarm the system through the app and you’re ready to go!

The final verdict

Whilst you will need to ensure you have a ladder and a drill handy, there’s no doubt that the Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm System is a new and innovative solution when it comes to protecting your home. Not only is the setup process simple and easy to follow for people for all ages, but can also be scaled to fit small or larger size homes.

It has an enormous amount of functionality and is unlike any other DIY home security solution available on the Australian market. This system provides great bang for your buck and will help you to secure your home in no time at all.

Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System: Is it the DIY alarm system for you?
Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System: Is it the DIY alarm system for you?
Are you looking for a reliable and functional alarm system for your home that’s easy to use and install, that won’t break the bank. The Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System might be for you.

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  1. Christina November 10, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Customer service is as good as advertised. Super nice guy talked me through an optimal set-up for my system. A few days later, the package arrived and I installed the system in about 30-45 minutes — taking my time. It was incredibly simple, and it has been working great so far. Overall, a top service that I highly recommend for everyone

  2. designer2 November 27, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    Wow! This Blog is really awesome and very informative, very helpful!

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