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The Benefits Of Installing an IP Intercom

Are you using a wired audio/video intercom system in your home or small business location? Do you have an effective way to monitor the activity outside of your premises even when you’re not there? If you’re not familiar with the latest technology of IP intercom system, keep reading…

While standard analogue intercom systems are an excellent way of adding and additional layer of security to your premises, they are limiting of your ability to maintain surveillance while you’re away. The latest IP intercom systems on the market provide convenience, peace of mind, and continued security even when you are away!


Introducing the IP Intercom System

IP intercoms including our latest HIKVISION IP intercom system are a highly revolutionised intercom system that allows you to answer your intercom, receive calls, and chat with visitors from anywhere in the world through the use of your smartphone or tablet device. IP Intercoms allow for exceptional functionality whereby calling visitors can be re-routed to another line should the home or business be unattended.

Home and business security has never been so simple or controlled. Where you might think the cost of installation and operation for such a highly-advanced system would make it unattainable for budget-savvy shoppers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the use of voice over internet protocol actually reduces costs that once accumulated through the necessary securing of analog lines with old systems. In addition, lower installation costs and time commitments make the price tag of this highly-innovative option even more attractive.


Time and Cost Reduction Pair with Higher-Quality

New IP intercom systems are easy to install. The ability to install new systems in place of an existing intercom system results in the minimization of additional wiring, reduced installation time, and subsequently, lower installation costs. The quality is far superior to that of standard analogue intercom systems. Audio and video will appear effortlessly as opposed to the break in audio and sub-quality video of analogue intercom systems. Say goodbye to pixelated images and undiscernible audio!


IP Intercom Presents Customisable Options

Not sold yet? Not only are some of the latest IP intercom systems visually appealing, they also provide an unparalleled professional image, and provide impressive flexibility simply not available with older systems. With IP intercoms, you can program the system to forward a door bell ring to specific phone number. If you’re using the system for a small business, you can add several phone numbers for forwarding to as needed in accordance to the growth and requirements of your business.

Modern IP intercom systems boast a variety of valuable benefits over traditional analogue intercom systems. Missed calls and neglected visitors are a thing of the past. Integrating smart phone and tablet technology with wifi capabilities, you are now able to easily maintain a watchful eye on the happenings right outside your door and communicate with visitors, allowing or denying access to your home or office where necessary.


IP Intercom for Optimal Functioning

Choosing to install an innovative IP intercom system such as the HIKVISION IP intercom into your home, office or business, allows you to achieve the convenience of a streamlined security device. Improved quality paired with simple operation and functionality is made available through these advances with IP Intercom technology. There is nothing more valuable than the ease of use and control you have with IP intercom systems knowing that you can conduct business, be available to visitors and clients, and maximise your time outside of your home or office. In a fast-paced society, efficiency is key, and the IP intercom system provides just that.

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