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Intercom Systems: A plain and simple guide

Purchasing an intercom or door phone system for residential or business use can be an overwhelming task without the right information. With the endless selection of systems on offer, we aim ease the pain a little by covering some important points everyone should consider before taking the next step towards their next purchase.

Now before you go any further, you may want to consider the key benefits of an intercom system.
An intercom allows people to communicate instantly with each other through the push of a button. It will also provide a protective layer of security in addition to other security safety measures that you may already have in place. If you have ever had to yell across your house or office space only to receive a frustrating lack of response, then an intercom system is a viable solution.

A few other benefits people experience from an intercom system include:

  • Use to monitor a baby’s or child’s room
  • Keep you from running up and down stairs just to tell kids dinner is ready
  • Use as safety device for children who are home alone and should not answer the door to strangers
  • Tell someone in the store room (whilst in your office) to bring inventory to the front counter

The uses for an intercom system are endless. They are an instant way to send a message, instruction, or to get help.

So which one do I chose?

Which system is best suited to you can depend on a number factors. Thats why it is recommended to gain a clear understanding of that each intercom system is capable and matching these capabilities to your own personal needs. We have listed a number of different types of intercom systems below.


Audio Phone System

An audio phone or “door phone” system enables you to receive “calls” from your front door or some other door on the outside of your home or office. When someone arrives at an outside door, they press a button that alerts an inside station and then the people inside can Talk to them by pressing a button on an inside station. Some audio stations also have the added feature of a “door release” whereby the person who answers the call inside the home or office can unlock the door and allow the visitor to enter.

Video Intercom System

This includes the same features as an audio phone system, but also has the added security feature of live video. A small camera in the front door station will allow you to communicate and see the visitor at your front door. Certain video intercom systems have a picture recording function which often means that anyone who attempts to gain entry to your home will be photographed and/or recorded. Video intercoms can help eliminate potential illegal activities such as vandals, trespassers and break-ins.

IP intercoms

IP intercoms are attached to your home internet connection and allow you to communicate and see visitors on your premises even when you are away from home. In fact, IP intercoms can allow you to communicate with visitors knocking at your door from anywhere in the world simply by using a wifi or 3G connection and an app installed on your smartphone( iPhone, iPad, Android phones).

Wireless Intercoms

The main attraction to wireless intercom systems is that the installation is much easier since no wires need to be run. The second is that you can easily move the units at any time. With these benefits also comes some risk, the risk of interference from other electrical and wireless devices. Nearby wireless devices such as data networks, cordless phones can interfere with your intercom. There is also the risk of other people hearing your conversation using wireless devices on the same frequency. While they sound like the ideal solution for basic applications, most users are typically not happy with these intercom systems.

Apartment Intercoms

These intercom systems are typically set up so that you can buzz any apartment from common entry typically at the front of a building complex. Apartment intercoms also allow for doors to be opened or released. For example a pizza delivery boy ringing your apartment from the ground level an be allowed entry right to front door buy buzzing them in from inside your apartment.


I'm still unsure which intercom system is right for me?

Home Security Online offer a number of intercom systems to fit any home or office environment, so we have listed some of our most popular intercom systems to help you make an a more informed decision before purchasing.

Handsfree: This feature enables you to press a button, let go, and then talk to a person at another station without having to hold a button down. You may want to checkout the following intercom systems with handsfree functionality:

Video Monitoring: This feature allows you to monitor anything around the door phone camera. By simply pressing a button on the monitor the camera will activate without alerting anyone by the camera. Using this feature you can check on the kids playing in the yard, check to see who is at the front door even if they don’t press the call button on your door or observe the area if you suspect crime or vandalism. Home Security Online’s most popular video intercoms include:

Digital Touch Screen: Many good quality video intercom systems with feature a digital touch screen monitor with clear un-pixilated images which look smooth and continuous.

Electric Lock Door Release: These days, video intercom systems commonly include a lock door release feature that allows you to conveniently unlock a gate or open a door from your inside monitor station. All of Home Security Online’s include this function. Check out our Intercoms page for more information.

Intercom Systems: A plain and simple guide
Intercom Systems: A plain and simple guide
Purchasing an intercom or door phone system for residential or business use can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

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