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A three-point plan for enhancing Home Security

 Home invasions and burglary hit the headlines every day;  For many households – physical security will remain a burning priority especially with lockdowns now lifting and people getting out and about more often..

1) Protecting more than your premises

Video surveillance systems or other wise known as CCTV systems are undeniably  more important than ever before for many households and a number of businesses across several industries. One simple reason for this is the increased use of valuable assets such as technology while working from home.

A significant amount of expensive equipment – from desk top computers, laptops, mobile devices through to 3D printers and other specialised technology are now being used to work from home instead of the office or usual work place.

As a result, homes are now a key target for thieves, and ensuring the protection of valuable assets is a top priority. A sad reality is that some of those thieves are so brazen they will take any opportunity to get hold of valuable assets.

Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems are made up of several components designed to detect, determine and deter criminal activity.  An alarm system can detect an event such as an intrusion, fire, gas leak or even environmental changes as well as determine if the event poses a threat; and then send a notification about the event to a smart phone.

  • Detect – The component of alarm systems that detect activity is called a motion detector or PIR .
  • Door and window Reeds are switches that indicate the opening or closing of a door or window. The switch is mounted to a door or window and is held closed by a magnet attached to the frame. When the door or window moves away from the magnet, the switch opens and it is sensed by the alarm control panel.
  • Smoke Detectors are designed to detect fire. There are two types of detectors: ionization and photoelectric. The most common smoke detector, ionization, is best used to detect flaming fires without a lot of smoke. Photoelectric detection reacts to smoldering fires that produce large amounts of smoke. Both technologies are required to perform at the same level in a fire and provide the same amount of warning. The most effective smoke detector is one that combines both forms of detection.
  • An alarm Keypad is a device that is used to arm and disarm an alarm system. Keypads are generally installed near the entrance or exit of home. If a door or window is opened when the system is activated, the keypad will immediately initiate an alarm.

Video Surveillance  CCTV Systems

Video surveillance is often installed  to deter threat alone, but actually, its importance goes beyond theft protection. With opportunist thieves targeting asset-rich homes more regularly, the residents in these homes are in greater danger too.

Effective and efficient CCTV is important not just for physical asset protection, but also for safety.

A video surveillance system is, therefore, a great asset to home owners looking to deter criminal activity and protect their loved ones.

Video Intercom Systems

Once upon a time, an intercom system was considered to be a pretty basic security tool. They’ve since come a long way and are now quite sophisticated adding an extra layer of security to your home or office.  Video Intercoms are also available in a wide range of styles to fit a range of preferences and applications.


Planning is the key to success, and home security and  surveillance systems are no different. Decide in advance the scope of your required solution. Each home is different and there is not one size fits all with home security solutions.  By investing time on planning the exact specification and getting a security expert to appraise it, can you arrive at the most optimal solution.

A discussion with a security installer will help identify the potential  areas that need to be covered and the associated best home security products to do the job.

3) Flexibility

Understanding exactly what you need is the start to a successful plan for enhancing Home Security. Ensuring you can install, operate and manage your alarm system, CCTV video surveillance system and/or intercom system is the next step. Solutions that are straight forward to install and user friendly in terms of  maintenance and use  should always be favoured – for example, CCTV cameras that have multiple sources of power can be vital for year-round reliability.

Selecting security equipment with the flexibility to support the changing needs of a house hold is important to future-proof the security solution against additional costs. For example, an alarm system that secures enough zones so that if a home owner wishes to add additional PIR motion detectors down the track it can be done easily without needing to replace the entire alarm panel.

The End Result

Modern  security products on the market these days take home security to the next level. It protects physical assets, ensures your loved ones feel safe and protected around the clock.  With the right guidance and professional advice from an experienced Home Security Online representative who are up to date with the latest security products , the perfect solution can be achieved to meet your budget. Contact us now for obligation free advice.

A three-point plan for enhancing Home Security
A three-point plan for enhancing Home Security
Understand the steps to achieving the best home security solution and keeping your assets and loved once protected.

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