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    Ness Security Wireless PIR Detector – Air2-XIR200W XLINE SERIES 15

    $199.00 $149.00
    The Ness Air2 XIR Xline PIR detects up to 12metres wirelessly.   Part of the Ness SmartLiving range of control, this wireless PIR combines all that is new in intrusion-control technology to provide flexibility and ease of installation.


    Designed to be used in conjunction with the Ness XLINE Series PIR detectors, these brackets feature flexible swivel joints that allow for a huge range of horizontal and vertical adjustment for wall and ceiling mounting of the Ness XLINE Motion Detectors.  

    PIR Security Motion Detector – Dual Tech with Pet Immunity Up To 15kg

    (Motion Detectors)
    Buy a quality dual technology PET PIR Motion Detector and effectively eliminate false alarms and prevent interference from small animals.  This PIR is pet immune up to 15kg and detects 10m x 15m range. Compatible with with almost every alarm system including: Ness Security, Hills alarm systems, Paradox and Bosch alarm systems.

    Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus Two Way Wireless Pet PIR

    $189.00 $109.00
    Designed to be used in conjunction with the  Reliance XR range and Zero wire wireless home alarm system the Hills Reliance XR 80 Plus two way wireless PET PIR will secure your home office or business with confidence.    

    Ness XIR100H Xline Series 15m PIR Detector

    The latest security PIR motion detection from Ness Security. Featuring high sensitivity with an equally high immunity to false alarms. The  XIR100H is a passive infrared detector (PIR) with dual pyroelectric element, ideal for both domestic and commercial  installations at an unbeatable price.

    Bosch Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detector

    (Motion Detectors)
    $149.00 $65.00
    This Bosch PIR offers dynamic temperature compensation. Wall to Wall coverage – superior catch performance. Flexible mounting height, no adjustments to reduce installation time. Self-locking enclosure w/ integrated bubble level.  The perfect addition to your Bosch alarm system.

    Rectangular Acoustic Glass Break Sensor

    Designed to be incorporated and installed with your alarm system in quiet occupied areas on the perimeter loop. Provides consistent detection even through blinds and light drapes. Provides great false alarm immunity, fast installation testing, and a handclap feature that lets users confirm the sensor's operational status.

    Pet Friendly Security Detector Opetx RX-40PT

    $199.00 $68.00
    Installing quality pet friendly security detectors (PIRs) are one of the most important aspects of ensuring your alarm system works to prevent intrusions. The Hills Optex RX-40PT Pet friendly Digital Quad zone motion detector features a discrete compact design and a wide 12mx 12m coverage that can discriminate against pets up to 15kg. This pet immune securitymotion sensor will ensure you are well protected when used with a quality alarm system. It is also universally compatible with almost any alarm system.

    Immune Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor

    Ness Security Quantum-Q Quad PIR Detector NEW

    $89.00 $43.00
    Buy the latest Ness Quantum -Q PIR . Boasting a QUAD Element Pyro Sensor that offers a better detection rate and higher noise immunity for lower false alarms. Quantum-Q is Australian designed and made using precision S.M.D. technology. With enhanced 15 metre wide angle coverage, selectable Pulse Count and Sensitivity adjustments providing the flexibility to use the Quantum-Q in most environments. Installed in rooms or in hallways, Ness Quantum-Q protects you by detecting intruders body temperature using infra-red technology. It offers quality, performance and reliability at a fraction of the retail cost.

    Paradox Wireless Outdoor Security PIR (Dual Optic High with Pet Immunity)

    (Motion Detectors)
    $325.00 $199.00
    Overcomes environmental elements ans stay secure with the Paradox PMD85 Outdoor Digital Dual-Optic High performance PIR. This reliable high performance wireless security motion detector combines a special weatherproof design with the proven technology of Paradox’s patented digital detection. The PMD85 also features  Pet immunity, which by way of two sensors, allows the unit to identify humans while ignoring animals up to 40kg.

    Digigard Digital Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

    (Motion Detectors)
    This high-end performance PIR security detector with true pet immunity provides precise detection. Featuring two separate infrared sensors and unique pet-friendly lens that detect intruders with absolute accuracy while ignoring pets up to 40kg.  Its accurate detection capability and false-alarm immunity give you peace of mind at an affordable price.  

    Ness Lux Wireless Pet PIR (106-170)

    $139.00 $114.00
    The Ness Security Lux wireless PET immune security detector is a modern innovative PIR providing intrusion protection and lighting your way in the dark. The Ness LUX PET AWARE model features unique opposing field lens technology with the ability to discriminate between household pets and unwanted human intruders allowing you to secure your home with your pets indoors. Best of all it is a wireless device means  installation is simple as no hard wiring is required! For safety and convenience,the Ness LUX’s night-light function provides a motion-activated cone of light to help you find your way at night. The night-light remains lit as long as it detects motion and stays on for an extra 10 seconds after motion has stopped.  
in 15 Products